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DEALHUNTER TRADING ROBOT is the powerful tool for online trading. Robot trades around the clock fully automatically and every time increase profit for its owner. There are two versions available for you: LITE - simple and free (no time limits) and DEALHUNTER 2 PRO EDITION for professional trading.

Features of the


A unique algorithm with new features and capabilities to ensure safe trading.

Trading 24/5

Round-the-clock trading without stoping. The dealhunter robot will do everything for you.

Risk control

Using trading support system, minimization of risks, full control of funds.

The best choice for beginners

Easy installation and quick launch to start making money

the professional trading tool

All you need for safe and profitable trading is the dealhunter 2 pro edition


Trading robot DEALHUNTER 2 PRO Edition for your account

Access to your personal account and technical support of the trading robot

Detailed instructions and recommendations for working with the robot

Free updates when new versions of the trading robot are released

Up to 30% discount when ordering a robot for a new account

100% uptime guarantee



The level of the profit size of the closed order group.
Limiting the risk of free margin funds in percent. Values: from 1 to 99. The lower the value, the more consolidated margin funds are involved in trading. For safe trading, it is recommended not to reduce more than 50%.
Limiting the lot size. Maximum allowable lot size for open trades.
The multiplier of increasing the lot of opened deals. It is not recommended to exceed 2.5
Order ID
DEMO | Default settings | Launch date: 15.06.2021

License for 1 trading account
Demo accounts without limits
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The parameter determines the percentage of the account deposit involved and directly determines the trading style of the trading robot.
Value: 1 to 100
This parameter sets the limitation of the permissible percentage of the use of free margin funds, upon reaching which the robot stops trading and switches to the mode of waiting for the trend change. The lower the parameter value, the more free margin is used.
Value: 1 to 99
The minimum initial lot size for opening trades by a trading robot. The robot will start opening deals based on the amount of the account deposit and the acceptable risk percentage. This parameter sets the lot size when the increase in lots is disabled (the GROSS parameter) when trading with a fixed lot.
The maximum allowable lot size for open trades. When set to 0.0, the limitation is disabled. The robot will independently set the lot size.
The parameter sets the coefficient for calculating the increase in the size of the lot size of opened deals. If the value is 0.0, the increase in the lot size is disabled. The robot opens trades with a fixed lot specified by the LOT parameter.
Profit size of the closed order grid group.
Modes of trading and building a grid of orders
The values: 1 - 2
Auxiliary module for supporting transactions and adjusting trailing
Activation of additional layers of the order grid.
Values: 0 - 2
0 - The main trading mode without an auxiliary grid.
1 - Additional order layer
2 - Two auxiliary order layers
Allowable number of orders when building a grid
Distance between opening of the order grid.
Step between open orders.
Permissible slippage, the ratio of the deviation of the real price from the requested one.
"Magic number" is an order identifier that allows a trading robot to distinguish open deals.
DEMO | Default settings | Launch date: 31.05.2021

License for 1 trading account
Demo accounts without limits
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After processing your order and preparing a trading robot for your account, you will receive a notification about the activation of the robot by e-mail and a file of the trading robot. On average, license activation takes no more than 1 hour, but can take up to 24 hours.


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